Thursday, July 7, 2011


I ran my third 5K on July 4th. I ran it in just a few seconds over 37 minutes... yes, I am a slow runner but I made it running the entire time and I beat my last time! I looked back on the websites of my last few races and finally got my times written down. I ran my first one in 41:59 and my second in 39:26. Those times are not great but the fact that I am getting better each time makes me happy and is my goal. Running a race to win will never by my thing. My goal is always to finish without having to walk. Slow and steady wins it for me baby!

So, there is much going on in my head these days. I am going to focus this blog now on my two girls. I have received a few compliments this week on how well behaved my kids are and how normal they are and social they are and how they break those "homeschooling" stereotypes. Those kinds of things make me happy to hear as I have been feeling like a failure as a mom lately. I am proud of my kids and for the gains that they have made. Nevaeh is totally coming out of her shell and literally has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She always considers others above herself. I hope she stays like that because selfish people bug the crap out of me.
Speaking of selfishness, Jesslyn is coming out of her selfish stage. She still has her moments but she is getting way better at considering others and at not being so difficult. She makes me laugh. She dances really funny and now that her two top teeth are gone she is the cutest thing ever and even has a little lisp. She also is loving riding her scooter with the neighbor girl. Jesslyn is social- she loves her little neighbor girl friend coming over to play.

So to my two beautiful girls: let's keep learning, growing, pushing through our fears, becoming better people who love Jesus and love others above ourselves. Let's have fun this summer.. making memories of the days when you did not have to do math problems or worry about spelling words. I think we have had fun so far. Lots of swimming and laughing with friends and definitely too much candy eating has been taking place :) I look forward to the summer days ahead and I hope to make it fun and memorable for you before those school books start showing up in the mail and before I have to go buy pencils and notebooks. Let's eat as many popsicles as we want, take a trip to the beach, sleep in as late as we want and stay up late playing outside. I love you girls. I love summer. I love being a mom.

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