Thursday, April 28, 2011

Phil Wickham - "Messiah" (Live)

I write this morning with a very broken heart. Please go to and follow this story of such an amazing and brave little boy. I believe in miracles and will continue to pray for one for this family, believing that a miracle can happen. I write this with so many feelings. I want to love better, hug my loved ones tighter and live life better and to the fullest. I get so caught up in stupid things and thinking and worrying about dumb things that really do not matter. I hope that this can be a lesson I remember everyday. To love better and to spend more time on important things. Things that really matter. Things that matter in eternity and not just for the moment. This sweet family is walking a rode in life that is unfair and is so hard. Harder than I can even wrap my little brain around. Please pray with me for this family.

Also, I woke up to reading mass stories on the destruction in the south of all the tornadoes that killed numbers in the 100's. Again, these people are walking a rode I have never had to walk and have no idea how I would except with the grace of God. It is so easy to not think much about it when it doesn't directly impact you.. but these people are on my heart this morning and I will be keeping these people in my prayers. Also, Dave Wilkerson, a well-known pastor died yesterday in a car wreck. There is so much pain and sadness in the world today. Makes me thankful for hope in Jesus. I would be lost without that.

While reading my bible this morning and having some quiet time by myself (which is priceless to me) I kept singing Phil Wickham's song Messiah.

Messiah. Messiah. Messiah, save us. You are our only hope. You are our only hope. You are our only hope. Messiah. Messiah. Messiah, save us.

I feel as though this is a perfect song for today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beat to a different drum.....

Since living here in WA, my girls and I have been able to get involved in a co-op for homeschoolers. I have never ever in my life been a fan of co-ops, and actually I tend to run and hide from the thought of them but I love this one and my kids love it too. I have met many wonderful women who are inspiring to me as they walk through the journey that is homeschooling. I look at the sacrifices they make as a family. Living on one income, passing up many material things just in order to offer their kids education at home and to follow their dreams to teach their children. I think it is so easy for us to look at families and see them in their big houses, taking huge vacations, getting caught up in what society tells us our kids should get caught up in, etc and to think that that is what makes a family happy and healthy. While all those things are fine, I have to say that they are not the things that matter to me anymore. I love nice things, and want nice things for my family but I also want to remember what is important. To know and remember that if I can hand my kids everything they want materially, and not give them anything else, what good am I as a mother? I just see these women working hard, loving their kids, keeping their homes in order, and making a happy home even if it doesn't look like it fits up to the standards of the families around them. As I go to this co-op, I am always reminded that homeschoolers are different and I embrace that difference full on. I love it and actually have come to thrive off of it. I want to think outside the box for my kids and want the best for them. I want their hearts most of all to be pure and right. I want more for them than what society can offer. I want them to follow their call on their lives and dream big and to love others and to love Jesus.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love good conversation. Tonight after dinner, my mom and dad and I sat for a few minutes and just discussed church and scripture. I love that. I love that my dad grabbed his Bible, read a few verses and then we talked about it. We often talk about church and things that are I guess what you could call spiritual, but it often ends with us realizing we are jaded and a bit cynical. I really am all of these things. I just feel that there is so much junk out there and it is scary and sometimes discouraging.

On another note, I ran almost 5 miles the other day. I usually do around 2-3 and have ran over 6 before but it was a sunny day and I just felt like pushing myself and it felt so good. I was so proud of myself and my pace is getting a little better finally! :) I still can't believe I am a runner and that I actually love it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I just cannot seem to believe the amount of people I know that are really dealing with some painful hardships right now. It seems to be endless and I wish I could take away the pain for these people. I know it is all a part of living life in this world. We have to deal with disease, pain, suffering, hardships, etc... but it is hard when these things hit close to home. I guess it puts everything into perspective. Life is short and life is hard. I guess it makes sense to make the most of it and to not waste any moment.

On a side note, I have to say that it is so nice to be surrounded by people who are not crazy. I met some great people in KY but when it came to church, I had a hard time with what some people around me believed or were "into". I love that there is nothing weird or that there is no psycho babble with the people that I am surrounded with. I love that I can trust those around me and that I don't have to second guess what I am being taught or what advise I am given. It is a relief. These people around me just keep it simple and aren't chasing the next great feeling or the next big teaching. I am thankful for this.

I took the girls to the library today to get them library cards. They were so pumped to check out some things under their own names :) makes this homeschool mother happy to see them pumped up about reading!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I am feeling a heavy heart for many of my dear friends today. There are so many I know that are facing some very difficult things right now. Things that are devastating and life changing and depressing. It makes my heart literally hurt and makes me wish that I could take away the pain for people. I realize that this world is not perfect and there will always be pain.... but it is so awful to see people have to face things with no other choice. I am vowing to each of my friends facing these things that I will stand with them and hold them up in prayer daily and that my mind is thinking of them and pulling for them to receive peace and miracles through their situations.