Thursday, March 27, 2008

Organic products and broken remotes!

The dog looks so kind and nice while relaxing next to Jesslyn but the remote tells the truth. He is still in puppy mode and we all know how crabby we can get when the remote is lost or broken! He destroyed it! Lord help me!

Here is a new product at Trader Joes. Organic suckers.... the concept completely makes me laugh..... they are very tasty though! I wonder if they are working on an organic doughnut?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

The girls and I dyed Easter eggs on Friday...... Jesslyn was a little rough with the eggs and would just violently drop them in the cup. Two rolled onto the floor... and a few were already cracked before they were even dyed! This morning, Nevaeh and I made green eggs and ham. Nevaeh has been reading Dr. Seuss books and so this was our fun way of celebrating the books. She usually loves eggs but I think she was a little thrown off by trying to eat them while they were green. !!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning...

Due to a sick child, I am home from church this Easter morning. Of all the Sundays to be sick!!! I am glad that I chose to go to church last night since I am home this morning. I went to our alternative service, Church 922, and the service was great. Most of the people there are newly saved and are genuinely excited about Jesus. The lights are dimmed, the music is loud, and people are there to worship. It is amazing to me that in a room with almost three hundred people, all worshipping in their own way, I experienced such an intimate time of worship. No distractions at all. There is something so fresh about people new to the Lord and their excitement and enthusiasm. People were not there to fulfill their Easter service obligation. They were excited about the victory and His conquering the grave. ........"The enemy has been defeated, death couldn't hold you down!"
I do miss my Grandma Betty an awful lot today. Easter was a big thing for her. She always died Easter eggs with onion skins wrapped around them (which makes a very pretty design) and then she would paint crosses and flowers all over them and then she would make sure every grandchild had one with their name written on it. I would love for her to be giving us all our Easter eggs this year but I am sure that her Easter celebration is going to be like none other she has had before. Miss you Grandma Betty!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here I go again...

I don't mean to keep talking about this but I just can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying listening to the Mark Levin Show. I love most conservative talk radio but this guy just always hits the "homeruns". It gets pretty predictable what some of these hosts will say but he just brings a new light to it all. He is entertaining, extremely smart, gutsy, and funny. I listen to his podcasts because his show comes on too late for me. So last night I listened to it while laying in bed and found myself laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying his words. My husband thinks I am losing my mind... and doesn't want to hear another word like Obama or idiot or pastor. I am realizing even more how much I am like my father. While Joel is sick of hearing about it from me, my mom has had enough of the subject with my father too. That makes me laugh. I guess there are worse things I could be doing..... his podcasts are free... I could have a designer shoe obsession instead!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesslyn's party went well..... lots of pizza and cake and fun girly presents. I am glad that our busy week is over and I am enjoying just staying at home today. My goal is to not have to leave the house. We will see if that happens!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Three years ago.

My baby turned three today. I can't believe that it has been three years already. It seems as though she was only a baby for about a month and has been walking and talking ever since. I would love to say that with turning three, her fits will magically stop, she won't ever pee her pants, she will always speak kind words, and she will stop picking her nose and will stop trying to wipe it on me.... who am I kidding! I know that all of these things will still happen from time to time but I am trying to just treasure all the moments I have because I know soon she will be really grown up and I will miss her three year old days. We are having a little party tonight for her.... so pictures will follow in the next few days.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Storm

In the lovely midwest, you just never know what you are going to get for weather. We are approaching Easter weekend and have just had the worst snow storm of the season. It snowed about 5 inches yesterday and has been snowing all day. We are now well past a foot and more is coming. Joel is at work... waiting on the approval to shut the place down for the day. Apparently, we are in a level 3 snow emergency which means that only emergency vehicles should be on the road. I don't mind being snowed in, in fact I love the idea of not having to go anywhere... I just wish Joel could enjoy the day with us! Hopefully he will be home soon! This picture was taken from our back deck...... amazing!

Friday, March 7, 2008


This picture of my parents with my girls was taken in January when they came to visit us. I have been thinking lately about how thankful I am for great family and great parents. I have been blessed with a mom and dad who are always there for us and who really have been a great Godly example to me and my family. I have also been blessed with great in-laws. I look at others around me and realize just how great of a family I have. My girls are healthy, my husband loves me and life is good.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day Full of Plays...

Yesterday I took the girls to the Cincinnati Children's theatre to see Robin Hood. It was so great. Entertaining and lots of fun for the girls. I was looking forward to a night home of putting the girls to bed and then myself to bed but we were offered free tickets to the touring High School Musical play. At around $50 a ticket, I just could not pass it up. So, we took another trip into the city... that might be the most we have made it there all year!...... Anyways, I was so glad that we went. It was great and actually better singing and acting than the movie. It was a full day for sure.
Just a side note... my dog or should I say my husband's dog is getting on my last nerve today. He chewed up my pink slippers (which Joel has actually been wearing because the dog ate HIS slippers TOO!) Joel looks pretty good in pink slippers by the way!!!! Pray that my dog will grow on me or pray that he will run away!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another not so super Tuesday!

It is another day that will be filled with the depressing news of who will most likely be our next president. I have been listening to a conservative talk show host... named Mark Levin. He is very smart and has it all right... but can be very rude.. which I actually find quite entertaining and funny. I am not sure why anyone would call his show because he flat our will tell you that you are a dope and need to get off the phone.... I know that I am not hip at all when I look forward to listening to talk radio.... sad but true. I actually download his podcasts on my phone and listen to them later in the day. Gone are the days of rocking out to Bon Jovi.. now I just listen to a man rant and rave about the election. With all of my listening, I am beginning to realize that many do not know what conservatism is all about and the lines are being blurred. We have become so dependent upon our government to bail us out of everything. We want entitlements. We want everything to be fair and equal. Do people really think that these politicians can help fix healthcare, schools, immigration, etc....... Haven't they already done enough damage?
The whole "end tax cuts for the rich' cracks me up to..... Did you know that 86% of all federal taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners. (from latest tax year from IRS) and the top 50% pay 97%of all income taxes...... The wealthy are paying the bulk of it... Don't they deserve a break? But everyone says it is not fair... I agree that the middle class struggles but not because of the rich. Thomas Jefferson said this in 1816, "To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it."
I do not like Hillary Clinton one bit and this fascination with Obama creeps me out a bit. It is like people think he is GOD and will come and magically fix everything. I don't trust him and as to the left as Hillary is, he is even further left than her. Okay... enough ranting. I am thankful that whatever happens and whoever gets to the White House.... my trust and hope is in the Lord! not man, (or woman.)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Food Coloring!

The other day, I had spent all morning getting the girls and I ready for the day. Baths, toenails and fingernails clipped, hair brushed and dried, ears cleaned, teeth brushed... the whole thing.. everyone clean and dressed in clean clothes!! As I was finishing drying my own hair, the girls come down the hallway and stepped into the bathroom giggling. I look at Jesslyn and she has red dots all over her face!!! The kept laughing even harder as I was trying to get an answer to what was all over her freshly washed face. Nevaeh directs me to the kitchen and then shows me the little plastic bottle that she had taken from my cupboard. FOOD COLORING! I tried to scrub it off the best that I could. There are still light red spots all over her face. I have no idea why that idea popped into their heads and it took me a few minutes to get over being I guess it is pretty funny. I just wish I would have thought to take a picture!