Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Power of Prayer

My kids have two people that they specifically pray for with their daddy every night before heading to bed. These two precious people are battling cancer. Both people have recently had some good news to share about their cancer. It is so great to see our kids' eyes light up and to be able to tell them that their prayers are working. That prayer is powerful and to never stop believing or giving up on prayer. The bible tells us to have faith like a child. I can see the faith in their eyes. It is amazing and awesome to see. What a testimony of what prayer can do. Never give up, always believe.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas was great this year. It really was just nice to have Joel have some days off and to just play! Play with the girls, play games, watch movies and sled! We made some great memories and it was fun to have some cousin time with Will here. The kids played well together and had a ton of fun. I am not ready to put all the decorations away just yet. I love the lights on the tree at night. It always go by way too fast!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picture Perfect

It began snowing last night. Huge beautiful flakes. I woke up, the kids got dressed for playing outside and I began baking while they played. I then joined them and we did some sledding and built a tiny snowman. Nevaeh called it a midget snowman but I am thinking that is not really PC... so let's just say it was a little snowman. Then I came inside, and began playing some Christmas music while baking away. It is so perfect and feels so much like how Christmas should be.... I am expecting Bing Crosby to walk in my kitchen to tell me to count my blessings instead of sheep. :) I am trying to enjoy and savor every single moment with my girls these next few days while Joel is working. I love this time of year... just wish someone would clean up my mess in the kitchen... and I have run out of sugar... who can bake goodies without sugar?!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Awaited-1- Baby Love Crashed into the World_12-19-09

Love this song. This is from a church here in Cincinnati.

I will fight..... and give it my all.

We have recently had to explain some things to our kids that we never thought we would have to explain to them. I hate having to tell them the hard honest truth about life. About how people's poor decisions effect those around them. About how our choices can lead us down really crummy paths.... but I would rather tell them the truth and talk openly about these things, than pretend life is great and perfect. I want more than anything for my kids to learn from others mistakes, instead of making awful ones on their own. I am not stupid, I understand that they will make poor choices and will have to learn things the hard way.. but I also want them to know, that bad choices can be escaped. We don't have to watch them go down a path of destruction. I want more for my kids. I will fight with them to have better lives and to make good choices. I know Joel and I will always love them but with that love, I hope to God that we will be open and honest and tell them straight forward if they are out of line or if they are destroying others and themselves by their stupid choices. As Joel was talking with the girls last night about what happens when we make bad choices, I couldn't help but be extremely thankful that Joel and I are a team, working together for the good of the girls. We will make mistakes but I know we can honestly look at each other and our kids and know that we have given it everything we got.

On a lighter note, Christmas is 5 days away. This week will consist of baking with the girls and wrapping a few last gifts and watching endless hours of Christmas movies. I can't wait! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

what a week!

It has been a crazy week. Crazy in a good way. I can't go into details quite yet but I am thankful that God cares about details and that He cares about the desires of our hearts.

So, our church is doing an adopt a child for Christmas. The girls wanted to take part in this and I was so happy. We picked up the info on our child and went shopping for them. I love that my kids love to give and I hope that they always see the importance of it. Nevaeh said that she thinks he will love what we picked out for the little boy and that we should adopt our own little boy on Christmas because she wants a baby brother. Wow. Not sure what to think of that yet.

December is quickly passing. I am trying to savor each day. We got some snow last night and I think we are supposed to get quite a bit more tonight. YIPEE!! I love it as long as I do not have to go anywhere and I would really love a White Christmas! :)