Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh what a day....

*WARNING: if you do not have kids or if poop makes you sick- do not read any further.

I took the girls to church this morning and then had planned on taking them to lunch at the mall... and then on to shopping for some new clothes for them. They love clothes so I knew this would be a fun day. Jesslyn is growing out of her jeans, and Nevaeh has shirts that barely cover her belly. It is time for some new stuff..... so, we headed to the mall. Jesslyn wanted McDonald's and Nevaeh wanted China Max. We ordered our food, found a table in the midst of the crowd and began to eat. Jesslyn took one bite and said her stomach hurt and that she needed to use the bathroom. I instantly knew that could not happen. We had food everywhere, we were far from the restroom, and I could not leave Nevaeh by herself... and if we all left, our food would very likely be tossed before we had a chance to finish it. About two seconds after me telling Jesslyn she was going to have to wait, she said "I already went..." My heart fell to my feet. She had went. Diarrhea. What in the world was I going to do? She starts crying, I feel bad, and am completely trying to go into survival mode.... "how can I leave Nevaeh here by herself? We are not done eating? what will I have her wear? how can I clean this up? "ooohhh I just wanted to hide. So, I decide to leave Nevaeh there to finish eating... told her DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE.... and took Jesslyn in to the bathroom. I took her leggings and underwear off and just threw them away. She had a long shirt on and then I tied her sweatshirt around her waste to cover some of her legs...... oh how awful. We quickly headed back to the table, let Nevaeh finish eating, and then headed to the car. I have no idea if anyone noticed... all I know, is that it was quite interesting... and one of those moments you wish would just go away. So, we are home now, watching Babe (my Grandma Betty's favorite movie) and we are going to attempt our shopping trip tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I cry every time I hear this song.

(by: Kari Jobe)

Your kindness leads me to repentance
Your goodness draws me to Your side
Your mercy calls me to be like You
Your favor is my delight

Every day I'll awaken my praise
And pour out a song from my heart

You are good, You are good
You are good, and Your mercy is forever
You are good, You are good
You are good, and Your mercy is forever

Your kindness is forever, Your goodness is forever
Your mercy is forever, Forever

Friday, February 26, 2010

I am not sure what makes me feel older:

-being excited to find a few Stevie Wonder Cd's at the library today.... or
-finding myself paying attention to the clock to see when 7:30 is rolling around.... because that is when Jeopardy comes on. Oh my.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh Tiger.

Tiger Woods had his press conference today. Here are my thoughts.

- I heard a commentator say this......... "his legacy should be his children, not his golf game. Will they think of him as a good man or just a good golfer?"

- apologies are fine but the real apology will come with his actions.

- it is good to know that there are still people who see this moral failure as a big deal.

- this was not just one bad choice- he truly is someone other than who we all thought he was.

- he said his wife did not beat him up....... I do not believe him. I think she did. I would have.

- I wonder if he actually wrote the speech... probably not.

-apparently he is in "sex" rehab. I wonder if there is a "liars" rehab.

- just another lesson for all of us. Stupid, stupid choices can completely turn our lives upside down and can really mess up the lives of those around us. Just a few moments of pleasure for him sure have ruined his life. I wonder if he could do it all over again, just for those few minutes of fun?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Working on our taxes today. Enough said.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We have had more snow this winter than we have ever had since living here in Northern KY. We were in Arizona when the first major storm hit, and it has been storm after storm ever since. Joel and I spent the day shoveling today. We have a private driveway that we share with four other homes, and it had pretty much turned into a sheet of ice which was making it very hard for cars to make it through. So, we decided to help out a bit, and start shoveling. So much shoveling... we will be sore tomorrow. The amount of snow around town is just amazing. There are rumors that more might be coming too..... oh boy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

old home videos

My mom sent the girls a package full of Valentine goodies today. The candy is great, but the best part of the package was 6 DVDs- these are old home videos that my mom so kindly transfered onto a DVD from a VHS for me. I am currently watching Thanksgiving 88- from out at the Carns house........ Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bob's house. This was when they lived out in Carrolls. These house was always full, loud, happy, warmed by the fireplace, and always smelled of yummy food. Lots of fun people would always gather there. During the first part of the video, Monopoly was being played, but now it is Win Lose Or Draw, in the living room... everyone yelling... man, I love these memories. My family is amazing. Not everyone is perfect, but when I think of being twelve and hanging out at that house, I have nothing but great memories to think about. Lots of teasing going on, lots of joking, and again... lots of food and noise. I can literally "smell" the memories of that house. I remember going out there with my family after a Friday night Kelso High football game... my parents would usually all sit around talking and I would end up curling up with a big blanket and would soon fall asleep. I am so thankful for this reminder, for this DVD that I can keep forever. I feel overwhelmed a bit by the reminder of just how great of a family I have..... great aunts and uncles, cousins, and parents. Thank God for awesome family.

Monday, February 15, 2010

These kind of abs don't come for free!

Oh Jillian Michaels, how I love to hate you. I have this DVD- it literally kicks my butt (and hopefully will shrink it a bit too). I actually think this is the best workout video I have ever done. It has three levels, all twenty minutes each. Twenty minutes is nice... it is doable. It is not 90 never ending minutes of torture. Don't get me wrong, it is not easy, but I know I can do it. I do not know how the people on Biggest Loser, who are 400 plus pounds, actually work out for hours and hours with this lady. Amazing. So, if you are looking for a good workout that is effective, challenging, yet doable, this is it! $10 at Walmart.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Olympics have begun. My girls love it... we all went to bed last night, laying in our room, tv on, watching men's speed skating. Nevaeh was certain that gymnastics would be a part of the Olympics and when I had to break it to her that it was the winter Olympics- and that gymnastics was not a part of it- she was irritated.... but only for a second. Now she loves watching. It is fun to watch. Athletes are amazing. Dedicated. Push themselves. So inspiring to hear the stories of their dedication.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the boy I could not live without

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the love of my life. I fell in love with Joel many many years ago. I first met him at church. My family began going to New Life, which was his dad's church at the time. I hated the church at first, cried every time we had to go, and wanted nothing more than to just stay at the church we had been at my entire life. I quickly realized that my parents had made up their minds and decided to just make the most of this new place. I started making friends, went to youth camp... and that is where it all began. By the end of the week at camp, Joel had become my "date" for the banquet. The only thing I remember about that banquet was that the milk I had been served at dinner was completely sour. Sick. Soon after camp, Joel became my boyfriend. I was in seventh grade at the time. This went on for, I believe, about six months until the jerk broke my heart and broke up with me. I still remember the phone call.... you could say I was somewhat obsessed. Life went on. I dated others, but always thought about Joel every time I heard a sad song on the radio.... this is almost embarrassing to write..... but it is the truth. There was something about this boy..... I liked him... a lot. Time passed. We remained somewhat friends but our lives began to be very different. I was just a good ol girl but he took a different path. We talked some through high school.. and then I went off to Tennessee to go to college. During my first year there, I had heard that he had moved to California.... and was not doing well. I decided to contact him. He was strung out on drugs, selling drugs, etc. We began talking again... he decided to clean up his life.... and then joined me at college during my second semester. Things were okay. We dated... and broke up... dated... and broke up... and so on.... but then.... we dated one last time and then married on June 18, 1999. Life was good.... then was hard for a bit... but now is fantastic. There has always been something about Joel Isaac Mathews that I just fell in love with.... he was the man I could not ever live without.
Now many moves and two kids later..... here we are... loving each other better than ever. Love can be a great thing. I firmly believe that love is not that giddy feeling..... it is a choice. It is hard, tough, and not always perfect. It is being able to accept one another exactly the way they are. I am thankful for him everyday. He makes me laugh, he plays air drums like no other, and his butt is pretty cute. :)

Spring cleaning? with snow on the ground?

Today is Saturday... Joel is working... kids are playing, being lazy, and watching tv. I had the choice of either reading, being lazy, or cleaning.... really cleaning! Like- cleaning out closets, throwing junk away, etc. I chose to clean. Half way into it I am pretty sure I am an idiot- but hey, it would be worth it when I am done, right? So, to get my butt in gear, I turned on Tobymac (actually downloaded his new CD from itunes.... and needless to say- totally got me in the mood. He is great. Talented, great lyrics, and fun. In fact, my kids love him so much- we are hoping to take them to see him sometime soon. Anyways, I better get back to cleaning... and get back to Tobymac.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arizona... and a few random thoughts.

We are back from the nice weather, palm tress, and lazy days. Back to reality of cooking, cleaning, and SNOW. Lots of snow, might I add.... and possibly more to come. Our trip was good. I started every morning out with a jog... fantastic. Then the girls played at the park, on their scooters, and swam at the pool. They were active every day and went to sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. Our last day there, I enjoyed two hours at a spa... a massage, a pedicure, and a manicure. Heaven! I feel like on trips.... like plane rides for example... give me way too much time to think... so here goes.....

* I hate it when people are rude. For no good reason. Just to be rude. I am amazed how these kind of people make it through life without getting their head bashed in.

* bad choices cannot be referred to as "bad luck".... sorry, but that is two completely different things.

*my girls make my life better and every day and every moment is a chance for me to teach them something.... about life. Something that will help them grow up to be responsible adults who make good decisions.

*do you think there is a time when you do not want to do something... but you should... simply because others would like you to? For example, something simple like eating at Taco Bell. If you did not want to go to Taco Bell, but everyone else did, would you suck it up and go, or would you refuse. Is that being selfish if you do not go or is it living free from doing something you do not want to do? I have my thoughts, what are yours?

*I loved the weather in Arizona but do not want to live there. I love the seasons... and would miss them too much.

*Sometimes I feel I am too passionate about things. I feel it might get me in trouble one of these days.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We have been in Arizona for the last week... heading back to Cincy today... where an endless amount of snow if falling..... ugh. Pictures from our trip will follow in the days to come.. when I am snowed in and have nothing better to do. As for now, I am going to go outside and soak up as much vitamin D as I can.