Thursday, February 5, 2009

I hope to post some pics of my trip soon... here are some things on my mind.
* I loved seeing my niece and nephews.... they are so grown up.
* my sis and I had so much fun.
*my brother in law has not changed one bit.... and I love it!
* my flight home was awful.... had only 20 minutes to make my connecting flight and even after a tram, I had to walk at least a mile... with two children.... the plane was waiting on me. A few more minutes and I would have been out of luck.
* I was glad to see Joel again.
* I wish that people took wedding vows seriously.
* I will not watch The View again..... seriously can't stand those women.
* I think people should be able to hunt animals without having crazy hollywood people ranting about it.
*I would like a gun but would be terribly afraid of it being in my home.
* My new drink at Starbucks is a cappachino.
* I do not get how those cabinet members can just not pay their taxes.
* I think that our country as we know it is soon going to change.
* I recently started listening to Mark Driscoll and now question how I really feel about Rob Bell.
* I have a hunger for learning at this current moment in my life.
* I am thankful for great parents and for how much they love my kids.
* I hate how people think the government should get involved in every area of our life.... hasn't anyone noticed that they screw everything up? why would we trust them with more? it is not rocket science........ the government just makes the problems worse!!!!!!!
*I am hoping that we adjust quickly to this time change thing.
*I am ready for spring and a lower electric bill.
* I am dreading the DMV tomorrow. (government owned right?) no wonder it is such an awful place.


Andy said...

Which brother in law do you refer to?

Kristy said...

Ha... I actually was talking about Matt. He is like the brother that I have never had..... totally picks on me and loves to give me a hard time. You on the other hand, have not changed either. I am so glad that I got to see you! You are a good man, Mr. Lemiere!