Monday, February 2, 2009

My blood is boiling....

I am still at my family's house and enjoying every minute with my family... this time has been priceless.... but, I have had more time than normal on my hands. Since I am not at my own house, I do not have to spend most of my day cleaning, picking up, cooking, bills, etc. It is really nice and reality will soon be slapping me in the face when I get back home and in the swing of life. I also have had more time to watch morning shows..... which I am glad that in my normal life I do not get a chance to watch. I turned on the View this morning and I guess it is just me punishing myself.... and I am sure I have blogged about this show before because I cannot help but get angry.... it is like a train wreck that somehow I keep watching because my ears cannot believe what I am hearing. Those ladies are so ignorant and Elisabeth doesn't ever have a good enough argument.. she could say sooo much more!!!! They are all mad at Rush Limbaugh for saying he wanted the president to fail.... they have no idea what he really meant. He totally believes that Obama's policies will destroy this country and therefore, wants the policies to fail in order to keep this country on the right track. This show really makes my blood boil....... they think Rush does not care about the poor because he does not want the stimulus package to pass.... are you kidding me? it is NOT the governments job to help the poor, it is the church...... charity..... people giving to others.... not the government forcing us to give to others. So then, if you do not agree with them, you do not care about the poor..... aaahhhhhhh!!!!!! I need to just stop.
I will post more pics from my trip soon.

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Bethany Patrice said...

Kristy, I gave up THE VIEW mid October and haven't turned it on since. I cannot stand the one sided VIEW!