Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Picture Perfect

It began snowing last night. Huge beautiful flakes. I woke up, the kids got dressed for playing outside and I began baking while they played. I then joined them and we did some sledding and built a tiny snowman. Nevaeh called it a midget snowman but I am thinking that is not really PC... so let's just say it was a little snowman. Then I came inside, and began playing some Christmas music while baking away. It is so perfect and feels so much like how Christmas should be.... I am expecting Bing Crosby to walk in my kitchen to tell me to count my blessings instead of sheep. :) I am trying to enjoy and savor every single moment with my girls these next few days while Joel is working. I love this time of year... just wish someone would clean up my mess in the kitchen... and I have run out of sugar... who can bake goodies without sugar?!

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