Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling Better...........

I must be feeling a whole lot better because it is now almost 7:30 at night, the kids are both in bed and the bathrooms and floors of my house have been completely scrubbed and my house is smelling like the wonderful clean smell of bleach. ... or maybe it was just the energy from my ipod turned on to all the big hair bands of the 80's that made me clean like a mad woman! Either way, I am so glad my house is somewhat clean.... now I can catch the last half hour of Glenn Beck! (yes I am a total dork) By the way, Joel went to the doctor today and has an upper respiratory infection! AAAHHHHH!!!!!

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Kelly Weinberg said...

Hey Kristy! I'm so glad you entered the blogging world! Bethany convinced me to join last July and I have loved it!

It sounds like your family has been sick for awhile! I will pray you all recover quickly! :)