Sunday, February 3, 2008


I am currently sitting on my couch, covered with a blanket, sipping on a Starbucks, the laptop in my hands....... and the Superbowl on the tv. Hope the commercials are good..... hope half time is even better. Nothing can beat when Prince had the half time show! That was my favorite!
I have been using "google" all afternoon... I wonder how different my life would be without google.. I learn a ton from google and it has replaced my phone book for sure! If I ever have a question about anything... google is my best bet! I started my google search today trying to find out some answers that I had to some certain questions.. and I must say, I feel like in just a short time.. I have learned a tremendous amount!!!! I know I am a nerd, but ask yourself how different your life would be without the wonderful world of google!!!


Anonymous said...

You are a nerd.
I only use google for this blog site.

Kelly Weinberg said...

I use google for everything!!

I love it! :)