Thursday, May 8, 2008

An unexpected reaction

Now that my parents are in town, and are not freaking out.... I can finally blog about my new nose piercing! Yes, believe it or not, it is true. I went to get it done with a friend of mine named Katie. She had been talking about doing it and I told her I would go with her.... just to watch. After weeks of talking about it, I found myself kind of wanting one but was actually worried my parents would think I had issues....... I am 31.... but still scared about freaking out my parents. Katie felt the same way. We tried to convince ourselves that since we never rebelled growing up.... that maybe that would be our great excuse to convince our parents that doing this was okay. So last thursday, we headed to the tattoo shop (had never been in one before and I am sure we stuck out in the crowd.) We were both about to pass out from nerves but it ended up not even hurting. It is so small that some people have had complete conversations with me without even noticing. My parents arrived last night and my mom said she thought it was cool. My dad just seems to laugh. That works for me! I know it is so out of my box and I promise I am not heading down the path of more piercings or tattoos. Just a simple little gem on my nose.


Angel said...

I had actually thought about getting that done about a year ago and Ronnie thought I was joking and I told him I was serious, but he didn't go for it!

Kelly Weinberg said...

You did it!! Yeah! I'm sure it looks so cute on you! Maybe after I have my baby I will get the courage up to do it.