Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A visit.

My parents are flying in today to stay for a week. I am looking forward to it. My girls have so much fun with them and they are so good to my girls. Not much planned yet.. maybe a Red's game. This is random but as I have been cleaning my house for them, I bought a new shower curtain and I have to say... putting the shower curtain on the rings is the worst task ever. I do not enjoy it at all.


Kelly Weinberg said...

How fun!! Do your parents live in the Seattle area still? I'm sure they will enjoy the sunshine in Kentucky b/c it has been cloudy and rainy here for quite awhile!

Enjoy your time with your P's! =)

Angel said...

I totally agree about putting the shower curtain up...I also can't stand that tedious little task of putting it through the curtain liner and then the curtain and shoving it closed!