Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Perfect World

Now I know that this blog is going to be about completely vain and unimportant things... because there are many other things I could think of to make the world more perfect but these are my things in life that get on my nerves and bog me down.
In my perfect world there would be:
1. no dirty dishes.
2. a chef to come and cook us a healthy yet yummy dinner.
3. laundry would never pile up.
4. nothing spilled on the floor after just sweeping it.
5. no kids shouting no at me.. only yes mam.
6. no such thing as having to shop for swimming suits.
7. no bills to pay.
8. no arguing kids.
9. weekly date nights with my husband.
10. no dust and dog hair in my house.

AAAHHH. sounds great doesn't it?


Angel said...

Sounds perfect to me too!

Bethany Patrice said...

no dirty dishes. no dirty clothes. no dirty floors. no dirty bathrooms.