Monday, September 22, 2008


I know I should not go there..... but I really am wanting this presidential race to be over. I was reading a book about the Constitution to Nevaeh this morning, and it reminded me of how the founding fathers wanting the government to be about the people... for the people, we the people!!! With this whole banking crisis, it just makes me question and realize that there is a whole lot of corruption going on. Did you know that Obama has been in the senate for three years, but has managed to be the top third recipient of money from Fannie Mae...... What is up with that? all these politicians are getting money from these companies and in exchange for what? What has Obama done for them? Allowed them to do shady deals, bad loans??? I feel like we do not know what is really going on and now we are left to bail them out.... I think that if we started referring to the government as "we the people" we would really get irritated at what is being done with OUR money. We are taxed at every, county, federal, housing, cars, gas, and the list goes on........ and what is happening? Where is our money going? I am confident that Obama is a liar and has done lots of shady deal in his life yet attacks McCain for these same things. This election is going to be interesting and I really think that our country is going to see some changes..... I am hoping that these changes don't result in socialism.... but I am afraid that is where we are headed. I really need to find another hobby or something else to listen to on the radio. All this is doing is making me crazy and turning me into my father!!! (not that that is a bad thing.)

On another note, Joel and I went to a wedding yesterday for a Trader Joes employee and it was beautiful. It was outside on a farm in Ohio. The reception was under a huge white tent..... The bride had just lost her mother in the previous year and many references were made to her mother during the wedding and reception. It was very sad but very touching to see her and her father react in such a loving way to one another and to acknowledge their love for the mom. I was glad to be wearing sunglasses since I found myself fighting tears..... very sweet to witness.

Lastly, I am finally feeling like I am back on this time zone! It took a week but we are now back on Kentucky time...... oh and it is officially the first day of Fall!!!!!!!!!!!

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