Saturday, September 27, 2008

We had a lot going on this last week. The homeschooling group from our church met at 7 Wednesday morning for See Ya At The Pole. We had about 8 kids come and pray around the flag pole. After the kids were done praying, the parents went inside the church and had a time of prayer for close to an hour. It really reminded me of how thankful we should always be to be able to live in a country that allows us to make these kind of decisions about how to educate our kids. I love that I have a choice.
We also had a field trip on Friday. We went to the Dinsmore Homestead. The kids were able to tour the old house, graveyard, use a washboard, play games from the old days, and grind coffee beans with a hand grinder.
Then came the annual Missionettes sleep over.... which Nevaeh looks forward to every year. Pizza, talent show, and very little sleep..... which we pay for the next day.
I am so glad that the fall weather is approaching. We are still have 80 degree days but the mornings are cooler.... I love it! Joel hates it!!

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