Saturday, November 8, 2008


As some of you may already know, our dog has been getting more aggressive lately and even bit Jesslyn..... we believe that he bit her because she had been rolling all over him and he had just been fed up. She rolls on him all the time but this time she might have just pinched him or hurt him somehow. We took him to the vet and they said that he will probably continue to get more aggressive as he reaches two. This is not good. So, we had a lady who was interested in maybe taking him home where she has no small children, come over and take a look at him today. He did fine until she started to try and pet him and he lunged and tried to bite her arm...... needless to say, she loved the dog but could not take him home if he was going to be that aggressive. So, we decided it would be best to put him to sleep. Joel told the girls this afternoon and we all shed a few tears........ he will be missed in our house. But is it terrible that I am already counting down the hours to thoroughly clean and scrub the dog hair out of my house......??? I am just not an animal person.

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