Tuesday, November 18, 2008

snow, museum and carpet!

The winter weather is here.... we have had two days of snow flurries... nothing really to shout about ... although Joel is shouting how much he hates the cold. The girls on the other hand, love it! I took the girls to the Creation Museum yesterday and it was amazing. I was so impressed at the building and all the displays and the message. We went into the planetarium first, where we reclined in big seats and watched a production above our heads about the massive stars and planets. Then we went through the museum which began in the Garden of Eden and then walked us through how sin has effected life for all of us. It showed how destructive the flood was and what it did to effect the earth today. I really enjoyed it. If you are ever in Kentucky, you will have to check it out!
The best news of all..... we are getting new carpet in the morning!!! Words cannot say how bad we need it! WOOHOO...... can't wait!

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Bethany Patrice said...

What kind of carpet? And, you've got to post pictures of your newly painted bathroom.