Monday, March 9, 2009

Are people finally starting to wake up?

I am starting to think that people may be waking up a bit to this crazy spending and all the other nonsense this government is up to.... when will enough be enough??? The markets are speaking... no one wants to invest, those who invest are not finding any trust in Obama... yet he just keeps spending and spending our money.. Did you know that some of the stimulus money is actually going to the removal of tattoos?????
I am wondering what will happen when those of us who have figured it out will stand up and say enough is enough!!! I might just have to quit watching the news... I have never had high blood pressure but I just might if I continue.. it makes me so spitting mad!!!! I am not a cursing woman.. but give me a few more months of this and I might be.


Angel said...

I see it as I'm not a party of this whole economy thing. God is in control of our finances and our lives and He can do much more than Obama or anyone else. I'm exempt for all this and I believe that if we stay faithful to God in our giving and stay faithful in our walk with Him that He will take care of us no matter how hard our world is hit with this economy. Who cares what the news says, they are not the final authority.

Kristy said...

I actually am not freaking out about the state of the economy, because you are completely right. God is totally in control of my life and I do not need to worry... the thing that outrages me is where my money is actually going, and the greed and crooks that are in authority in this country to be able to choose where that money goes. I also had just done our taxes that day and really saw in black and white how much the government takes from us... and it just keeps going up..... and I just have my moments of becoming irritated..... but am glad I do have a hope, because I can't imagine what people who don't have a hope must be feeling about the state of our country.