Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Memorial Service

Last week, we headed to Longview to celebrate the life of Joel's grandma, who we call Granny the Great. It was a quick trip, but really good to see a lot of people we had not seen in many years. This is a pic of the cousins at the service... we are missing little Will though.
The service was at our old church.... walking through those doors was a bit strange, and brought back many memories. It was so great to see so many great people and to catch up with those who loved Joel's grandmother so much.
We had a great time thinking about our memories with her and it was also great to hear all the memories of her before I had the chance to know her. She was a great lady.... but the thing I take away most from her, is her ability to be positive in all things. She was great at doing that.... I want to strive like her to be positive in all things.... to "laugh at the days to come".

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