Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Ten Years..........

In one week from today, I will have been married to Joel for ten years. I can hardly believe it and am so thankful for those ten years, even though some were great and some have been not so great. When we vowed to stay together through good and bad, I can honestly say we have stuck to that promise. Here are some thoughts as I think back on the last ten years....

* we have lived many places and met many people.
* when first married, we had no clue what being married really meant. Glad we now know.
* I think we are two totally different people now.
* we have learned to communicate, how to fight, when to talk and when to be wise and be quiet.
* we have two amazing girls, and without them added to the mix, life would be dull.
* I am glad we went through the rough times... it saved our marriage actually because now we actually know what it means to be married.
* each day might not be perfect, but our relationship gets stronger and better as days go by.
* we still have our fights, but if golf is the worst thing we have to fight about, we are doing pretty well.
* as I am typing this, Joel is flying the girls up in the air.......... they are laughing and laughing.... and here I sit and realize that although my life may not be perfect or glamorous, I am blessed beyond what I deserve and can't wait to see where the next ten years take us.

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