Friday, June 19, 2009

Perfect Day...

Yesterday was a great day for Joel and I ....... we celebrated our ten years of marriage by getting a sitter (woohoo) and headed into Cincinnati to go eat at Boi Na Braza. It is a Brazilian steak house and is amazing! They have an all you can eat "side" bar.... not just salad stuff but mashed potatoes, rice, mushrooms, vegetables, cheeses, capers, etc. Then, while you are eating, you have a card with one side red and one side green. There are at least ten men walking around at all times with slabs of all kinds of meat on skewers and if your card is green, they will slice some off and put it on your plate..... so, you have to keep flipping your card all night. It was very yummy, and for dessert I had a papaya ice cream/pudding thing... so yummy. Needless to say, we were stuffed when we left. So then we walked around downtown for awhile, saw two drunk men fighting.... (most of you would think that was not really romantic for a date, but Joel and I are the worst at people watching... we love it.) Then I got to go into Tiffany & Co and pick out a bracelet and necklace... so fun and so sweet. ;) It was a great day..... and it started out with our friends who wrote and sang a song at our wedding, redoing it and sending it to us through email so we could transfer it into our itunes and have it always and forever.... so sweet. The picture is of our card... turned over to red because we were STUFFED!!

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