Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today I sit here on my deck, drinking my morning coffee... thinking back on the last ten years of my life. Today Joel and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary. Let's see.... ten years!! WOW. So many emotions, so many memories! We started off in Longview, headed to Oakland, CA... then back to Longview, then to Eugene, OR... then to Cincinnati, OH and then Columbus, OH and now back to Cincinnati.. (well, northern Kentucky actually).
It has been ten years of learning, tears, hardships, fights, laughter, kissing, growing closer..... and the list could go on. Not every day has been perfect, and some have been extremely hard, but each day has been worth it. Our marriage is stronger and better than it ever has been and just keeps getting better as days go by. We know one another well, we know how to be married and what it takes to make it good and most importantly Godly. It will never be perfect, and we both know we will always disagree about golf, but if that is okay. :)
Marriage has taught me so much about myself, and the love of Jesus. My dad and mom always told me, "don't marry the one you can live with but marry the one you can't live without." Joel is the one I cannot live without.


Andy said...

Kudos. Anniversaries have a whole new meaning for me and I cannot tell you how much respect I have for you both. I love you and Joel and Nevaeh and Jesslyn very very much, and am thankful that you're my family.

Kristy said...

Awe Andy... thanks so much...... we love you more than you know ;)