Monday, August 3, 2009


This year is more than halfway over now. What a year it has been. In some ways, it seems like the worst year ever, in other ways, it is maybe the best one yet. I feel like I am being stretched minute by minute. I am discovering things that are blowing my mind. I am being challenged and hopefully will take those challenges to be better. I feel so unworthy. I am unworthy. I am nothing. I have no good thing apart from God. It has to be completely about Him and for Him. Not about me, or what I can do. I can do nothing. I want to compare myself to Him and not others. I want to not care what others think, but what He thinks. If He is pleased, does it really matter what others think? I want His word to be on my heart, deep in my heart. I will not settle for buying in to earthly ways or earthly things. I need to be renewed in my mind... daily... minute by minute. Even if all is crumbling around me, I will stand firm as long as He is my rock and foundation.

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Saxon and Shannon said...

I think you may be on to something... ;)