Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love this store. I could go every day and still find something to buy. My kids love it too... and the dollar spot has become my lifesaver many times. The girls ALWAYS want me to buy them everything they see and I don't ever feel bad about telling them they can pick something out at the dollar spot. So nice, everyone wins! They get a little something, I pay only a little bit! Today, I decided to spend a lot more than I usually would on a normal trip to Target. I decided to stock up on just about everything. You name it, I bought it. Shampoo and all those other toiletries, tp, paper towels, tissue, cough and cold medicine, cough drops, light bulbs, batteries........ toothpaste...... laundry baskets...... and even though these items seem boring to the average person, this mom who hardly goes and buys anything but groceries, loves to buy these kinds of things. It also brings me some kind of joy to know that my shelves and closets are stocked, and we are set for at least a few months! Joel was shocked at how much I actually spent.... but will be oh so happy to know he has everything he needs to smell fresh and clean in the days to come!

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Mathews Family said...

You're so on top of it! Don't you feel better when your shelves are stocked? This reminds me that I need trash bags.