Friday, October 30, 2009

Girls Night Out

I have a great group of girls who I am blessed to be friends with.... and we always go out to celebrate birthdays.... so last night, four of us headed out to eat and then met three other friends back at a friends house for a rockin night of RockBand! Oh so fun. I had the chance to sing Bon Jovi Dead or Alive and my favorite..... Metallica Enter Sandman. OH MY WORD. I had a blast and became a person who I am usually not. Headbanging and all. We were laughing so hard.... oh what a great night. Bad news is..... all the pics are up on facebook today. YIKES! It is a scary sight.


Drew said...

Any single babes in that group?

Kristy said...

ha! no, but I will keep my eyes open ;)