Tuesday, October 27, 2009


* Christmas is about two months away........ CAN'T WAIT.

* I miss my family more than usual this time of year.

* I am down 11 pounds and am realizing that the days to come are going to be challenging...... baking, cookies, fudge..... you get my point.

* I feel extremely blessed and never want to go a day without thanking God for that..... Even when things are awful, they could be worse. Hell is worse.

* I am a sucker for holiday inspired coffee creamers.... gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint mocha. We go through them like toilet paper around this house this time of year.

* I have been thinking about another baby.... before you freak out...... Joel and I talk about it, tease about it, and that is as far as it gets. I really think we are done, but I am pretty sure I will regret, in future years, not having a third. Sounds so crazy.... you might be thinking, if you know you are going to regret it, why not have one?...... seems to not be that easy because the
thought of having another also makes me want to cry... diapers again.... UGH.

* the thought of swine flu really does make me think of pigs... I know they are not related whatsoever... but still.

* the leaves outside my windows are GORGEOUS.

* I drink way too much coffee.

* Thanksgiving is coming soon- wonder if I will have any visitors?


Saxon and Shannon said...

I definitely think you need a third! Like you said yourself...if you know you're gonna regret not doing it and you still don't do it...well...that's just crazy.

Besides, you're a fantastic mom!

And lastly, if the thought of diapers makes you cry...you could always adopt a four year old. :)

Drew said...

Another kid huh... Could/would I still be it's uncle? Diapers aren't so bad really.
And I wonder what you could possibly mean by having a visitor for T-day?

Kristy said...

well, nothing permanent has been done to prevent a third child so I guess you never know!

Andy- I am saddened that no family is coming to visit for Thanksgiving....... no one wants to be in little ol Kentucky. ;)

Drew said...

I'd love to. Really. But I'm an out-law now.

Emily and Will said...

Kristy, please...do it for me. Have another baby.

Jennifer said...

Have another baby, and then if you decide you don't want it...I'll take it! :) I would LOVE another baby...plus, you make really cute kiddos!