Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October is more than halfway over

I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying. Nevaeh is ready to put the Christmas tree up. (so am I... but Joel won't go for that.) I took the kids to the children's theatre today. We do this four times every year and it is fantastic. We saw Beauty and the Beast today. It is always fun heading into the city with my kids. Makes me laugh.
We came home and carved pumpkins. Tons of fun although most of the work is done by me. It makes me think of my grandma Betty... we always used to carve with her out at her house. Every year. She loved it. Makes me miss her a lot.
Pictures will be posted later.
I am still listening to the Genesis series by Mark Driscoll. I have two podcasts left and then I can move on to more of his fabulous teachings.

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