Monday, May 2, 2011

In His time.....

I just got the official phone call. The buyer has all her papers in and her money and now everything should be smooth sailing! I should found out shortly the "official" closing date which my realtor's assistant said she is pushing to have happen asap.. like as in tomorrow! I am so thankful. This was not my plan or my first choice at all.. closing in February would have been amazing and would have been better financially, but I am still so thankful and am sure that this was just God's perfect plan and timing. Joel flies out early tomorrow so it was perfect that he did not have to move a few times or feel as though he was intruding on some people. It is so good to know that he can leave KY and not have to look back because of the house. It is so nice to feel like that part of worry will be over with. So thankful. His timing may not be ours but I must trust and believe that it is perfect!

I told the girls we would do something special once the house is no longer ours... something small but fun. They suggested everyone gets to eat a Dilly bar from Dairy Queen. I suggested we get an entire ice cream cake from DQ and really celebrate! :) wow do we know how to party.

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