Monday, May 23, 2011

Since Osama Bin Laden has died, many have posted things about how we should not be rejoicing in this. I understand the point here a little bit. Yes it is sad he chose the evil path he did.. but as I was reading the story of David and Goliath to my kids.. I realized why I have no hesitation in being happy that this man has been put to death. Here is the little bit from their Bible-

"When the Philistines saw Goliath was dead, they ran away. And when God's people saw them running away, they CHEERED. God had saved His people. David was a hero!"

They cheered. They did not mourn and worry about his man and his soul. They cheered. They had been delivered and rescued from this bad man who mocked them and God. He would shout and call them names and he wanted to harm them. Much like Bin Laden. He hated God's people. He wanted to kill and destroy them. Not one moment will I feel sorry for this man.

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Jess said...

Haven't looked at it like this before! Very interesting. I have been 100% against rejoicing Bin Laden's death, but this makes me think some.