Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New things......

Today was a very exciting day for me.... As a homeschooling mother, I find it very thrilling to get new books and things in the mail. I received the first of three boxes that will be coming my way this week. I just ordered math, spelling, and handwriting books for Nevaeh!... and some math manipulatives that I am also excited about! (dorky I know but it is the truth... these are the kinds of things in life that I look forward to.) My husband also came home with my early birthday present!...my very own iphone! I really think that it is way too much of a phone for me but I am really excited about it. My ipod is really old and my dog just chewed on my cell phone and broke the camera on it. (Joel did feel really bad about that since the dog was his idea... so maybe this gift was just a little out of guilt)......or even completely out of guilt. :) I have been really aggravated with our 100 pound puppy lately and so I think he realized how much extra work this dog has created for me. (For those of you who don't know, he bought this dog without asking me my opinion... and he did it while I was away visiting family.) I really don't know where to begin to set this phone up but am looking forward to figuring it out. Happy early birthday to me!!!!

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Kelly Weinberg said...

How cool...you got an iPhone! My husband really wants one of those phones. So when is your birthday again? I think I remember it being in March sometime. Is that right?

I can't believe how big your "puppy" is!! That dog wouldn't even fit in my tiny apartment! What kind of dog is it? I want a puppy someday, but one that weighs 20 pounds! =)