Friday, August 8, 2008

Two plays of a Reds game

The other day, Joel called me from work and said that he had some free tickets for the Reds game that afternoon. The girls were up for it so we grabbed the tickets and took an adventure into the city. It makes me laugh to think about the girls and I heading into Cincinnati.... it took a few circles around some blocks for me to decide where I should park. I ended up finding a parking garage... only $1 for the first two hours! So, we parked two levels underneath the main floor and then had to walk through a dark staircase to get out to the streets. Not a typical thing I do with my kids! Anyways, we finally made it to the stadium. We made it inside and were pleased to find $1 hot dogs! Our lucky day. We grabbed a hot dog and some cotton candy and then started the hike to our seats....... section 515 row K seats 16, 17, 18. Seriously 7 rows from the very top! We sat and ate and then the game started. After about two plays, Jesslyn had reached her limit and we started our hike back to the car. The girls had fun though... only because they saw cheerleaders and ate cotton candy. I think we might wait a few years before going back.

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Bethany Patrice said...

great. we are going to a cub's game at the end of the month an I payed $50 for a ticket for me and parker. he better last more than two plays!