Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jon and Kate

So, this family is all over the news... and this brings about many emotions for me......

1. Why do people go on these shows?

2. Why does Kate continue to go on talk show after talk show..... is selling a book that important?

3. I do not think she is very nice to him.

4. That gives him no excuse to cheat... (if he did).... he probably did. Who doesn't now days?

5. Why keep doing season after season?

6. She seems a little off to me........ I think she really kind of likes the fame and money now.

7. She always says it is about the kids...... I don't believe her.

8. Just my thoughts....... ( I used to really like the show, and I know they have done several speaking engagements to profess their faith...... but I think even if this is not true and just horrible rumors..... things still are not quite right.)

9. Ahh..... just wanted to say that.


Bethany Patrice said...

i used to be such a huge fan too because Kate reminded me a bit of myself..with all that said, I am certainly learning a life lesson here. 1)be nice to my husband 2) never go on reality tv. :)

The saddest part is that they are supposed to be "christians" and that they have 8 innocent children.

Kristy said...

I was such a big fan too.... but my feelings have changed a bit...... and you are organized like her but MUCH nicer!! ;)