Monday, May 11, 2009

King's Island

Yesterday afternoon, we went with some friends up to King's Island Amusement Park...... my girls have never done any kind of rides so I was really not sure what to expect... they did great...... We first headed to kiddy land...... where we road a little wooden roller coaster. Jesslyn was smiling until the first dip and I think she had NO idea it was coming... she started to cry, but smiled when it was all over and said she loved it.
Then we went on Planktin's Plunge which is what you see up above. She screamed the entire time and called the ride STUPID! Nevaeh ended up going on an adult roller coaster and loved it, although I know she was scared out of her mind. I am so proud of her for giving it a try. (She is usually our scared one who never wants to try anything new.)
It was a great day..... the girls had fun and it was nice to just walk around, hanging out with good friends.

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Angel said...

How fun! We're going with our youth group in June! Not ready to take my boys yet!