Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I cleaned out closets yesterday... clothes are headed to goodwill and there were 5 extra bags of trash to put out in the garbage last night. Feels so good.

Joel is in California... I sleep terrible when he is gone. Wide awake until 2 last night and up at 7. I am too old for that.

It is September.... my favorite time of year is right around the corner! yippee!!!!

I am starting to plan our trip to Disneyworld..... hopefully going in January sometime. Can't wait. The girls are perfect ages, they will be ecstatic... and then we will be broke ;)

I am back on track with weight watchers.... had family at our house all of July, then went to visit family for two weeks. This means my diet gets all jacked up... but I am back on track and already 3 pounds down!

I bought the girls d0-it-yourself bean bags... the best $45 I might have ever spent. They love them. Play in them, read in them, watch movies in them...... it's great.

I am thinking about actually making a meal calendar..... planning my meals two weeks out and shopping according to my list... any thoughts on that and if that helps keep you organized and helps save a few bucks?

Well, I am done with my random thoughts I guess. Time to go school my children.

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