Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arizona... and a few random thoughts.

We are back from the nice weather, palm tress, and lazy days. Back to reality of cooking, cleaning, and SNOW. Lots of snow, might I add.... and possibly more to come. Our trip was good. I started every morning out with a jog... fantastic. Then the girls played at the park, on their scooters, and swam at the pool. They were active every day and went to sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. Our last day there, I enjoyed two hours at a spa... a massage, a pedicure, and a manicure. Heaven! I feel like on trips.... like plane rides for example... give me way too much time to think... so here goes.....

* I hate it when people are rude. For no good reason. Just to be rude. I am amazed how these kind of people make it through life without getting their head bashed in.

* bad choices cannot be referred to as "bad luck".... sorry, but that is two completely different things.

*my girls make my life better and every day and every moment is a chance for me to teach them something.... about life. Something that will help them grow up to be responsible adults who make good decisions.

*do you think there is a time when you do not want to do something... but you should... simply because others would like you to? For example, something simple like eating at Taco Bell. If you did not want to go to Taco Bell, but everyone else did, would you suck it up and go, or would you refuse. Is that being selfish if you do not go or is it living free from doing something you do not want to do? I have my thoughts, what are yours?

*I loved the weather in Arizona but do not want to live there. I love the seasons... and would miss them too much.

*Sometimes I feel I am too passionate about things. I feel it might get me in trouble one of these days.


edna carns said...

I think you should go with what the majority of the group wants. It is , after all, just a moment of time, not a life time.
Rude people ain't got no reason.
I love the seasons. and I love you!!!

Daryl said...

I agree with you about rude people! And in your Taco Bell example, I would go with it. But if it were something with bigger implications, that would definitely take more thought.
Your passion makes you who you are and I'm loving reading your blog!
ps - I still think you should run for city councel.....I'm just sayin