Tuesday, February 16, 2010

old home videos

My mom sent the girls a package full of Valentine goodies today. The candy is great, but the best part of the package was 6 DVDs- these are old home videos that my mom so kindly transfered onto a DVD from a VHS for me. I am currently watching Thanksgiving 88- from out at the Carns house........ Aunt Roberta and Uncle Bob's house. This was when they lived out in Carrolls. These house was always full, loud, happy, warmed by the fireplace, and always smelled of yummy food. Lots of fun people would always gather there. During the first part of the video, Monopoly was being played, but now it is Win Lose Or Draw, in the living room... everyone yelling... man, I love these memories. My family is amazing. Not everyone is perfect, but when I think of being twelve and hanging out at that house, I have nothing but great memories to think about. Lots of teasing going on, lots of joking, and again... lots of food and noise. I can literally "smell" the memories of that house. I remember going out there with my family after a Friday night Kelso High football game... my parents would usually all sit around talking and I would end up curling up with a big blanket and would soon fall asleep. I am so thankful for this reminder, for this DVD that I can keep forever. I feel overwhelmed a bit by the reminder of just how great of a family I have..... great aunts and uncles, cousins, and parents. Thank God for awesome family.

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Amy said...

Kristy, I loved reading this post. I have wonderful memories like that of my family while growing up. I sure wish I had videos on dvd to watch over and over, too! Cherish it - I know you will!!! love u guys!