Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh Tiger.

Tiger Woods had his press conference today. Here are my thoughts.

- I heard a commentator say this......... "his legacy should be his children, not his golf game. Will they think of him as a good man or just a good golfer?"

- apologies are fine but the real apology will come with his actions.

- it is good to know that there are still people who see this moral failure as a big deal.

- this was not just one bad choice- he truly is someone other than who we all thought he was.

- he said his wife did not beat him up....... I do not believe him. I think she did. I would have.

- I wonder if he actually wrote the speech... probably not.

-apparently he is in "sex" rehab. I wonder if there is a "liars" rehab.

- just another lesson for all of us. Stupid, stupid choices can completely turn our lives upside down and can really mess up the lives of those around us. Just a few moments of pleasure for him sure have ruined his life. I wonder if he could do it all over again, just for those few minutes of fun?

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