Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am totally mad at myself for not getting up to run this morning. Joel woke me up but it was still dark outside and I think I said to him- "I don't have any reflectors to wear." ummm.... what?!

Oh well, I will work out with Jillian- for them millionth time.

Man, these summer days sure make me miss my family. I dream every day of Sunriver and of being on my dad's boat on Mayfield Lake.... too bad this hot KY weather is not in Longview right now... Although if it was, I would really be wishing I was there. I am a broken record about this..... but no apologies here.

The girls and I finished schoolwork early yesterday and I told them they could spend the afternoon in the sprinkler- I was sitting out on our top deck and they were down below. I heard many laughs and loud giggles which was fun to listen to... but then I hear Jesslyn say she has to go potty- well, two seconds later I see her spreading her legs by the side of the house, peeing. With her swimming suit on and everything.... oh well, at least she did not track wet grass into my house. :) and she took a bath last night so no worries.


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Debbie Mann said...

you shouldn't feel guilty! Everything that I have read on beginning a running program says that you need to start out at 3 days a week, every other day to give your body time to recover. If not, it's really easy to injure yourself. You don't want to do that=)