Monday, October 4, 2010

As I have already said in earlier posts, I have been following a blog of a dear family whose child was recently diagnosed with cancer. I wait anxiously each morning to wake up and read her latest post.... simply because this story touches my heart and I am always eager to hear how her son is doing. This is the first paragraph of her blog today-

When going through something like this I’ve learned that at times you will feel crazy. And at times, people will make you feel like you are going crazy… and tell you things like you need medication. But somehow… if you are strong enough, you pull it all together… get all the little voices out of your head, refocus, and find your way back. It can take something as simple as taking a drive, screaming your lungs out and just taking 30 minutes to be alone, to bring your strength and sanity back. Game on, cancer. You have pushed me down but I will not stop fighting back.

I love this. I love her real and very raw words. I have had some people tell me I needed medication or know of many who depend on it. I am not saying I am against it at all, I know it has its place, but this mom inspires me. She is real. She is strong. She is not afraid to let it out or get things off her chest. First off, those I know taking meds seriously have no problems in comparison to what this family is going through.... not even close. Thank you Maya for sharing your blog and being so real. I am seriously encouraged to live me life differently. Nevaeh was in art class the other day and there is one boy in there who complains all the time... Nevaeh spoke up to the class and said, "You are complaining about not wanting to draw what the teachers tells you, I know a little boy who has cancer and is fighting it every day.... you should not complain over something as small as a picture you are asked to draw"
I was proud of Nevaeh. She gets it.

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