Monday, October 11, 2010

Coffee with Eminem

Last night Eminem was on 60 minutes. I have to say I totally enjoyed the interview and wish I could have coffee with this man. First off, I would like to give him a hug. He needs one I think. He grew up poor, with a single mom, in Detroit and moved schools two or three times a year. He was bullied, pushed into lockers, called names, etc. He now makes millions a year on his records and has millions of fans. I know that his music is crude and saying it has tons of profanity is probably an understatement. Regardless of that, he has talent and is able to rap faster than any other person out there. He said a few things that I thought were interesting- he said that he does not allow profanity in his house and also was asked about his father and if he wishes his dad would come track him down for them to meet each other. Eminem said that if he had a child out there, he would go wherever and search forever until he found that child. I admire that. He may be a bit wacked in some of his thinking but he hit the mark on some things, in my opinion. He sees a man that does not desire to know his child as week and I could not agree more. He has overcome prescription drug addiction and is trying to make his music a bit more positive. Imagine if this man met Jesus. Oh how I wish I could have coffee with him.

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