Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am learning that I do not handle my own mistakes or my own stupidity very well. I hate messing up and I hate it when I do stupid things that are a waste of energy. I am often harder on myself than I should be and instead of just realizing my mistakes and letting it go and becoming better, I often hang on to what or how I wish I would have handled things differently. I need to get over it. I am not perfect and never will be. I will make mistakes. I will do stupid things. I need to be okay when people may be disappointed in me because I cannot be perfect all the time. I never saw myself as a perfectionist but am starting to believe I am..... I hate to think of people upset with me and I hate to think that I may have just screwed up. Clearly it is unrealistic. I will never be perfect.... never.

On a side note, we watched Secretariat at the movies last night. Great family movie. Totally one of those feel good, great family movies. We loved it. Go see it! :)

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