Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here are a few pics from our Disneyland trip. What a fantastic few days we had walking around the parks. Joel and I literally took a walk down memory lane being there on Main Street. So great. We spent three days there, going back and forth from park to park. Nevaeh's favorite ride was Soaring over California and Jesslyn's favorite ride was It's a Small World. We had a great time and made many great memories that I hope my kids remember forever. I am thankful for the trip and thankful we were able to make it happen. I went often as a kid so it was nice to have my kids get to experience the same thing I used to so many years ago. We also ate breakfast at Chicken Dinner Restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm which was a restaurant that Joel and I used to go to as kids. The girls were so pumped to eat fried chicken and eggs for breakfast. On the last day at the park, the kids were tired so Joel took them back to the hotel for a bit. I did not want to leave so I spent the rest of the day in the park by myself. It was FANTASTIC. I sat and drank coffee and had a Mickey ear shaped rice crispy treat on Main Street. I sat and watched people walking by and then did some riding and shopping by myself. I have to say, it was awesome and I would do that again in a heartbeat. I was there so long that Joel texted me wondering if I was ever coming back. I think I could have stayed there forever :)

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