Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First leg of the trip was a success!

We made it to Arizona... what an amazing roadtrip. We made it one day earlier than we had planned. The kids did amazingly awesome and Joel drove the entire time.. while I slept :)
We began our journey leaving KY and stayed our first night in Springfield MO. Then the next night we made it to Albuquerque and then made it to AZ the next day. We stopped at the steakhouse in TX where Man Vs Food has filmed before and also saw the Cadillac Ranch! So fun. I would take another roadtrip in a heartbeat. Oh wait, I get to do it again next week! So, our time here in AZ has been good so far. We have a few days left then we will be on to Cali! Wahoo! Pics and videos will come later when I feel like uploading them!

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