Monday, February 21, 2011

just a few things going on with me....

* I am officially a west coaster again.
* I am trying to cut out caffeine.. at least some of it. I am way too addicted.
* I am having a hard time getting into life. Still wishing I was on vacation.
* I love having my parents around for my kids.
* I miss my sister's family.
* I am ready for the house to be completely done... with all papers signed.
* I am watching the news right now and it is frightening.
* I have not ran since Arizona and I have little energy. I need to have some running in my life asap.
* I do want to see the Justin Beiber movie... yes, I really do.
* I feel as though Nevaeh has grown up overnight.
* I now realize why I think how I think. It is the Carns in me.
* I am praying that God will direct us in our next steps... where exactly to live and where specifically to begin our new life.
* I also have many other things on my prayer list. Things that are burning in my heart to change.

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