Saturday, February 26, 2011


I attended a funeral today. I did not know the man well but know many of his family members. I found myself fighting tears and feeling the joy and sadness that the rest of the family was feeling today. As old hymns were sung, I felt tears beginning to roll down my cheeks. There is something about those old songs that get me every time. I sat there listening to the family talk about there fond memories and began to think about what I hope people might say about me when I pass on. I also looked as the grandkids participated and sang of the hope of Jesus that one has when facing death. It totally touches me and makes me want more than anything to leave that kind of legacy for my family. To pass on to my kids what is really important and to hope that they cherish life and live it for Jesus.It was time for me to really think about what is important and how life is just a vapor but eternity is forever.
This funeral was just what I needed today. I needed that reminder. There are things that literally have been eating at me lately. Things that really irritate me, things that I wish I could change, things that I find so incredibly unfair to those I love..... but I realized that those things that have really been eating at me are stupid and a complete waste of my time. I am wasting time. I have been giving too much thought and time to things that do not matter on this side of life and I am hoping to get better at this.. to stop wasting precious time. Time is precious because life is short. I want to live a good life. Not a life filled with material things but a GOOD life. A life that really matters.

Like the great John Piper says-"It is better to lose your life than to waste it."

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