Thursday, April 28, 2011

I write this morning with a very broken heart. Please go to and follow this story of such an amazing and brave little boy. I believe in miracles and will continue to pray for one for this family, believing that a miracle can happen. I write this with so many feelings. I want to love better, hug my loved ones tighter and live life better and to the fullest. I get so caught up in stupid things and thinking and worrying about dumb things that really do not matter. I hope that this can be a lesson I remember everyday. To love better and to spend more time on important things. Things that really matter. Things that matter in eternity and not just for the moment. This sweet family is walking a rode in life that is unfair and is so hard. Harder than I can even wrap my little brain around. Please pray with me for this family.

Also, I woke up to reading mass stories on the destruction in the south of all the tornadoes that killed numbers in the 100's. Again, these people are walking a rode I have never had to walk and have no idea how I would except with the grace of God. It is so easy to not think much about it when it doesn't directly impact you.. but these people are on my heart this morning and I will be keeping these people in my prayers. Also, Dave Wilkerson, a well-known pastor died yesterday in a car wreck. There is so much pain and sadness in the world today. Makes me thankful for hope in Jesus. I would be lost without that.

While reading my bible this morning and having some quiet time by myself (which is priceless to me) I kept singing Phil Wickham's song Messiah.

Messiah. Messiah. Messiah, save us. You are our only hope. You are our only hope. You are our only hope. Messiah. Messiah. Messiah, save us.

I feel as though this is a perfect song for today.

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Katie (& Daryl) said...

Me too, to everything you've just mentioned! I'm wiping tears away as I read Rockstarronan yesterday and again today. I am praying that the Lord shows himself to this family in a huge way.
I have two friends that live near where the tornados touched down. Their families are both safe by the grace of God. We have a million things to be thankful for!