Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love good conversation. Tonight after dinner, my mom and dad and I sat for a few minutes and just discussed church and scripture. I love that. I love that my dad grabbed his Bible, read a few verses and then we talked about it. We often talk about church and things that are I guess what you could call spiritual, but it often ends with us realizing we are jaded and a bit cynical. I really am all of these things. I just feel that there is so much junk out there and it is scary and sometimes discouraging.

On another note, I ran almost 5 miles the other day. I usually do around 2-3 and have ran over 6 before but it was a sunny day and I just felt like pushing myself and it felt so good. I was so proud of myself and my pace is getting a little better finally! :) I still can't believe I am a runner and that I actually love it!

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