Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beat to a different drum.....

Since living here in WA, my girls and I have been able to get involved in a co-op for homeschoolers. I have never ever in my life been a fan of co-ops, and actually I tend to run and hide from the thought of them but I love this one and my kids love it too. I have met many wonderful women who are inspiring to me as they walk through the journey that is homeschooling. I look at the sacrifices they make as a family. Living on one income, passing up many material things just in order to offer their kids education at home and to follow their dreams to teach their children. I think it is so easy for us to look at families and see them in their big houses, taking huge vacations, getting caught up in what society tells us our kids should get caught up in, etc and to think that that is what makes a family happy and healthy. While all those things are fine, I have to say that they are not the things that matter to me anymore. I love nice things, and want nice things for my family but I also want to remember what is important. To know and remember that if I can hand my kids everything they want materially, and not give them anything else, what good am I as a mother? I just see these women working hard, loving their kids, keeping their homes in order, and making a happy home even if it doesn't look like it fits up to the standards of the families around them. As I go to this co-op, I am always reminded that homeschoolers are different and I embrace that difference full on. I love it and actually have come to thrive off of it. I want to think outside the box for my kids and want the best for them. I want their hearts most of all to be pure and right. I want more for them than what society can offer. I want them to follow their call on their lives and dream big and to love others and to love Jesus.

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