Monday, October 6, 2008


Joel and I had our annual Trader Joe's party in Detroit this last Friday night. Since we do no live by family, we were trying to figure out what to do with the girls. I decided to ask a good friend of mine and she so kindly said "yes"! Her and her husband do not have kids yet so I wasn't sure what they would think of taking mine for the night. The kids had a ton of fun and got to go to a fun festival where there were huge pumpkins and lots to look at. Jesslyn also decided to crawl in bed with them at 3 in the morning!... Joel and I had a pretty good time. Our party is usually in Chicago, which is one of my favorite cities so I was bummed that we had to go to Detroit..... it is not too much to shout about for sure! ...... but getting away for the night was fun. The hotel was nice, the dinner was good, and it is always fun to catch up with the Trader Joe's crowd. Above is a picture of the kids with my friend Katie at the festival. She survived a night with my kids!!


The Old Mathews said...

Joel & Kristy, Check out my blog @ the old mathews, I need help in putting our picture up.
the girls ase SOOO cute & big.

The Old Mathews said...

cute pictures... I'm blogging again @ the old mathews, stay in touch.