Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a nice morning

The weather is getting cooler as we woke up to start the day. I put pumpkin muffins in the oven and the girls started some school work at the kitchen table.... in their robes. :) After some math and science, they started coloring some pictures while drinking hot chocolate. Tomorrow we are heading to the pumpkin patch with our homeschool group and next week to the children's theatre for Mulan! I know this sounds so silly but what a perfect day. I am a dorky mom who only needs the smell of muffins in the oven to brighten my day. Oh dear!

On a different note, the election is just two weeks away. Oh my!!!! God help us. Go out and vote.... For MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kelly Weinberg said...

I love the smell of things baking in the oven! I wish I lived closer b/c I would come over and eat some of your pumpkin muffins!! That sounds really good!

I wish I had time to bake, but it's kind of hard with a newborn. I'm sure you remember what that was like!!! :)